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Paper Reading Group sessions
Date : Event starts on 14/8/2019
Before attempting to interact with artificial, biological or a hybrid intelligence it is necessary to first formally define and specify what is it that we are attempting to interact with. Shane Legg provides a thorough survey of definitions of human and machine intelligence and methods to test both. Shane Legg got his Phd from the University of Lugano ( and is a co-founder of deepmind.
Before coming:
We will form groups of 3-5 to review our text. Assume the identity of a Phd comittee member/reviewer. You will be assigned a group on registration and will be expected to share your review on the day of the meeting.
We will be using Piazza for discussing questions before the session, please don’t hesitate to post any questions on your mind.
Venue : Makerere University, Artificial Intelligence Lab
Class: AIR Paper Reading
Event Presenter Date
Paper Reading Group sessions Ali Hussein 08/14/2019
Event Presenter Date
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Cyber Security in Artificial Intelligence Jerom Okot 07/11/2019
Artificial intelligence in Africa Godliver Owomugisha 06/27/2019
Introduction to Gaussian Processes Mike Smith 06/13/2019
Behavioural Classification of Blockchain Addresses Using Vector Representation. Ali Hussein 05/23/2019
Introduction to Machine Learning with Weka Solomon Nsumba 05/09/2019
An integrated intelligent algorithm to detect malware and overcome zero-day attacks Joseph Lomwa 05/02/2019
Time series forecasting – Introduction to classical and deep learning methods. Daniel Mutembesa 05/04/2019